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Alaska Gasline Development Corporation

is developing a gas transportation and LNG export project in Alaska.

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Alaska LNG is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner.

Alaska LNG has conducted field surveys, regulatory engagement and consultation to identify community concerns, environmental aspects and social and economic conditions. We apply an “avoid, reduce, remedy” strategy to address potential impacts and risks. The goal is to manage impacts and risks to the lowest level practical. This approach ensures that we first consider modifying aspects of the project’s design or execution to avoid impact where practical.

Our process provides a strong foundation for working collaboratively with stakeholders to develop balanced approaches to address potential impacts and maximize the value of opportunities.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is the lead federal agency responsible for conducting the environmental review of the Alaska LNG Project, and it has a rigorous process for collecting information and facilitating effective conversations with the project stakeholders. The FERC review process includes two distinct phases: pre-filing and application.  The FERC pre-filing process is an opportunity for the project team and stakeholders to engage in useful dialogue before a project files a formal application and to gather important information that defines the subsequent project Environmental Impact Statement. To learn more about this process, click here.

A series of documents, known as resource reports, have been filed for the Alaska LNG Project.  The resource reports provide preliminary data to regulators and the general public on baseline environmental conditions and potential project impacts.

Project Map

The Alaska LNG Project is anchored by the Prudhoe Bay and Point Thomson fields. These fields are expected to deliver on average about 3.5 billion cubic feet of gas per day with about 75% from the Prudhoe Bay field and 25% from the Point Thomson field.

Locate a detailed section of your community along the proposed pipeline route on our interactive map.