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Alaska Gasline Development Corporation

is developing a gas transportation and LNG export project in Alaska.

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The Project

The Project

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North Slope Production Fields

Natural gas on the North Slope was discovered more than 40 years ago.

Gas Treatment Plant

The proposed gas treatment plant will process over 3 billion cubic feet of gas per day and will require more than 250,000 tons of steel and a footprint of over 200 acres, making it among the largest gas treatment plants in the world. At the treatment plant, the gas quality will be improved making it suitable to enter the pipeline and travel south to the liquefaction plant. CO2 removed in the process will be captured and compressed for re-injection.


The approximately 800-mile pipeline will require years of construction and will use proven technologies to ensure safe operations and reduce the potential for impact on the environment and communities. Additionally, there will be gas offtake points along the pipeline to make gas available to Alaska communities.

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Liquefaction Plant

Liquefying natural gas is the key step to safely and efficiently transporting it to market. The liquefaction plant requires a conditioning facility and will have three liquefaction facilities, called trains. The Nikiski area on the Kenai Peninsula was selected as the lead site.

Storage and Loading

The LNG will be stored in tanks. LNG tankers will transport the LNG to world markets.

Project Map

The Alaska LNG Project is anchored by the Prudhoe Bay and Point Thomson fields. These fields are expected to deliver on average about 3.5 billion cubic feet of gas per day with about 75% from the Prudhoe Bay field and 25% from the Point Thomson field.

Locate a detailed section of your community along the proposed pipeline route on our interactive map.