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Alaska Gasline Development Corporation

is developing a gas transportation and LNG export project in Alaska.

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Resource Reports

Resource Reports

Learning More about the Alaska LNG Project

A series of documents known as resource reports are being developed for the Alaska LNG Project. The resource reports provide preliminary data to regulators and the general public on baseline environmental conditions and potential project impacts. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) requires these documents as part of the NEPA Pre-File process. The resource reports vary in length but often contain hundreds of pages of information related to the work accomplished to date.


The initial drafts of the resource reports have been designed to help those interested in the project to better understand the current picture of Alaska’s environmental and socioeconomic landscape. In many ways, it is still early in the process. These drafts are intended to be useful to stakeholders as they provide a framework to enable important conversations and input to help inform decisions about the Alaska LNG Project. In that process it may be determined that additional modeling and data collection is needed in places before the resource reports are finalized.

Now is a good time to provide input on the draft reports as there are plans for two drafts of the resource reports to be submitted over an approximately two-year period. This is to ensure that interested stakeholders have an opportunity to add their voices early in the process. The first draft of these resource reports was filed with the FERC in the first quarter of 2015.

Input on the first draft will be considered alongside other factors in making decisions about the Alaska LNG Project. Revised second-draft resource reports are targeted for submission to the FERC in early 2016. The input from the two drafts of the resource reports will be used to prepare final resource reports, which will be incorporated in the formal application to the FERC, expected in 2016.


List of Draft 1 Resource Reports:


List of Draft 2 Resource Reports:

Project Map

The Alaska LNG Project is anchored by the Prudhoe Bay and Point Thomson fields. These fields are expected to deliver on average about 3.5 billion cubic feet of gas per day with about 75% from the Prudhoe Bay field and 25% from the Point Thomson field.

Locate a detailed section of your community along the proposed pipeline route on our interactive map.