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Alaska Gasline Development Corporation

is developing a gas transportation and LNG export project in Alaska.

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Vendor FAQ

Vendor FAQ

The Alaska LNG Project could provide significant opportunities for Alaska and American businesses. The project is currently in the preliminary engineering phase of development and is working to establish a strategic procurement approach to the multi-faceted, complex contracting requirements involved in a project of this scale and scope. The Alaska LNG Project encourages ongoing communication and information exchange with businesses as the project continues to evolve. Please register your business here so we can continue to keep in touch.

Q. What are the current opportunities to bid on work for the Alaska LNG Project?

We are in the midst of preliminary engineering to better determine the proposed scale and scope of the Alaska LNG Project. Future opportunities will be dependent on our ability to develop a commercial project and to better define what will be needed going forward. Should we enter the next engineering phase of development, known as Front End Engineering and Design (FEED), a number of potential opportunities will be available.

Q. How do I let you know I’m interested in bidding for Alaska LNG Project work should the Project move into FEED?

Register your company information at We will retain your information on file should future opportunities present themselves. Also, we encourage you to check the website on a regular basis to monitor new Project developments.

Q. Will someone contact me if I register on the website?

Once you have provided your company information on the website, it will be added to a Project database. The database will be provided to all of the current prime contractors during the various phases of the Project. You may be contacted if either one of the prime contractors or the Alaska LNG Project itself has questions or is interested in discussing an opportunity with you. Your information will also be used to provide you with information about upcoming business information sessions or community meetings.

Q. Are there any basic criteria required in order to qualify for work on the Alaska LNG Project?

In addition to being cost competitive, there are several basic requirements we expect of interested suppliers and service providers.

Safety and Environmental protocols – In order to qualify for work with the Alaska LNG Project, we require that you have thorough, effective and up-to-date safety, health and environmental programs in place. At the Alaska LNG Project, we insist that everyone working on the project makes workplace safety their top priority.

Quality management systems –In order to qualify for work with the Alaska LNG Project, all businesses bidding for Alaska LNG Project work must have a stringent quality assurance program in place.

Commitment to Alaska businesses – All Project contractors are, and will continue to be, required to develop a plan to provide opportunities to qualified Alaska businesses.

Q. Do you give preference to local/Alaska/Native-owned companies?

Our process is designed to provide fair and equal opportunity to all eligible contractors and businesses. Contracts are awarded exclusively based on safety considerations and best total value, but qualified Alaska and Native-owned businesses would enhance their competitiveness by having equipment and personnel located in Alaska.

Q. What sources does Alaska LNG use to identify local and Alaska companies?

In addition to using our own Alaska LNG Project database, we use local business directories, the internet, supplier association lists and chambers of commerce to provide us with data. We also promote contact with local companies through procurement workshops, open houses and trade shows. We are also evaluating capacity in Alaska through extensive labor and logistics surveys and studies. However, the best way to ensure we’re aware of your company is to register at to be added to our database.

Q. Are there opportunities to provide subcontracted services to Alaska LNG prime contractors?

Yes, the Alaska LNG Project encourages our prime contractors to utilize qualified Alaska businesses. If you think you may be able to provide services to one of the Alaska LNG general contractors, please register on our website (, and we will ensure your information is shared with the current prime contractors.

Q. I am not interested in bidding for work, but would like to find out more about job opportunities available with the Alaska LNG Project. Where can I find that information?

The Alaska LNG Project does not currently have any direct employment opportunities as we are still in the preliminary engineering phase of our Project. However, should the Project move forward into the next stage of development, we will advertise opportunities on our website ( and through other traditional employment information websites and mechanisms.

Project Map

The Alaska LNG Project is anchored by the Prudhoe Bay and Point Thomson fields. These fields are expected to deliver on average about 3.5 billion cubic feet of gas per day with about 75% from the Prudhoe Bay field and 25% from the Point Thomson field.

Locate a detailed section of your community along the proposed pipeline route on our interactive map.